about me

Hi, I’m Dawn and thank you for stopping by!

I am the wife of a loving husband and a mother of two beautiful children who is prayerfully growing into the woman God has called me to be. Initially, I started this blog as a way to share my observations from reading the Bible for the first time (completed earlier this year, at 42 years old mind you!) but has since morphed into the beautiful, convicting, frustrating and enlightening ramblings of my everyday life as a wife, mother, designer and ministry leader.  These ‘ramblings’ are expressed through the lens of a life rededicated to following Christ Jesus.

A bit about that.  The rededication thing.

About 3 years ago (in 2013), I began to notice my attempts at trying to ‘plan my life’ weren’t going so well.  There was not one drastic event that allowed me to hear Christ’s voice, but a series of little catastrophes that finally drew me to Him. Long story short – I came to know His love, peace and clarity and was lead to share it.

I hope you find something here that is familiar or resonates with you. At the very least, I pray you find encouragement, hope and a little bit of laughter.

With the love and grace of Jesus Christ,